B2B35 Artificial Lawn – Bracknell

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    September 2017

  • Category

    Artificial Lawn, Landscaping, Patio, Raised Sleeper Bed

  • Location

    Bracknell, Berkshire

  • Grass Type


Artificial Lawn and Sandstone Patio with Edging Fitted, plus raised Sleeper beds.

Our clients asked us to create a low maintenance / pet friendly rear garden for them to enjoy with the dogs. We fitted 2 sections of bright B2B35 artificial Lawn with a Lakeland Sandstone Patio, paths and a Sleeper bed on the left hand side. They are delighted and the pictures of the dogs speak for themselves!

BudsLandscapes B2B35 Artificial Lawn - Bracknell