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At Buds we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, a fully comprehensive and proactive approach to fitting and an excellent after sales service. We were specifically chosen by Namgrass as approved fitters for their product in the South East because of both the quality of our workmanship and our fastidious approach to all of the projects that we undertake.

Buds have been trading for over 20 years now. We are Marshalls registered, Natural Paving approved and Namgrass approved, with our workmanship regularly checked every couple of months.

Namgrass are owned by Sports and Leisure Group SA, who have produced sports pitches for many of the worlds top sporting organisations, including FIFA, the Football World Governing Body. With such high demands placed on the pitches they produce, the SLG SA have a wealth of experience that has assisted them in producing Residential Artificial Lawn of the highest standard. This is reflected in their EU certificate and fully comprehensive 10 year (+) Warranty that is given with all of their lawn products.

It is also important to understand why the Namgrass lawn products outperform their competitors in the marketplace. Please see Namgrass's information leaflet

All of the Namgrass Artificial Lawn and associated products can be ordered directly from Buds. In fact we have a unique relationship with Namgrass which allows us to pass on reductions and incentives to our customers on a regular basis. View the range here.
Namgrass artificial lawn products come in 2m and 4m width rolls, that are up to 25 metres in length. It is therefore important to calculate the size of your garden correctly, to minimise any off cuts / wastage. If in doubt, please do check with one of the Buds team, who will be happy to answer any questions on sizing that you might have.

Namgrass Artificial Lawns are easy to fit as long as you take your time and make sure you have all of the correct tools and associated products - glue, joining tape etc. That said if you aren't confident, it may be beneficial to consider the Buds fitting service. If you make a mistake it can be costly, so do take your time. Your warranty is also stronger / holds up better, if you use an approved Namgrass installer, like Buds, to fit the artificial lawn products.

If in doubt, one of the team will be more than happy to run through any queries that you might have over the phone.

If you are going to fit the lawn yourself, it is important to make sure that your sub-base and any edging has been fitted securely / correctly, before finally laying / gluing the lawn products in to place. View the following video for more information

With many years experience of fitting Artificial Lawn products, the Buds team are confident of turning their hand to any fitting complications that may arise. Artificial Lawns can be straight forward to fit, but like many things in life it isn't always as easy as it looks. The Buds team will always do their best to jump in at relatively short notice where needed.
Namgrass have developed a range of Artificial lawn products, to encompass a variety of customers needs. Several of the lawns are specifically designed for your external garden / courtyard area. There are however, also products like Green Play that have been designed for internal / external play / sporting areas and Living Colours which is available in several colours, thus ideally suited to an internal / external play area or commercial stand / display.
The beauty of Namgrass Artificial Lawn products is that they require minimal maintenance. Dependant on the makeup of your garden / courtyard area / terrace / play area, you will just need to remove any debris periodically and give the lawn a brush with a stiff broom. It may also be advisable to occasionally hose off the lawn and apply the Namgrass cleaning products to keep it fresh.
When Buds fit your Namgrass Artificial Lawn, we use 2 layers of a woven membrane. This protects you from weeds coming through from the earth below and from weeds growing through drainage holes in the grass product itself.
The Namgrass lawn products include a strong woven 'scrim' layer. This coupled with the thick latex backing and additional layers of membrane forms a very tough surface, minimising any potential weed / mole issue.
Unlike many other Artificial Lawn companies, Buds lay the Namgrass Artificial Lawn products on a layer of 6mm limestone grit. This allows total drainage of water / animal urine thus avoiding any puddling or unpleasant smells.
When carrying out the initial consultation with you, Buds will assess the stability of your chosen artificial lawn area, to make sure that the correct products are used when laying the lawn. Soil type, ground makeup and saturation are all taken in to account when deciding if a type one sub-base is required, in addition to the 6mm limestone grit. The perimeter of your lawn will be secured with concrete and screwed to timber where required.

All of the Namgrass products are tested to a very high standard, which is backed up by their 10 year (+) comprehensive warranty.

Namgrass lawn products are 100% Polythene, with a 7500 - 8000 ppm maximum level of UV stabiliser, which prevents fade / discolouration from sunlight. View more details here.

Rain and snow will not have any effect on the lawn products and the drainage holes, plus limestone grit below will allow total drainage. This in turn avoids puddling, flooding and any ongoing rot issues.

You can rest assured that no matter what the elements throw at your Namgrass artificial lawn, it will always look fantastic.

Dependent on usage, the life expectancy of the Namgrass artificial lawns in a domestic / garden capacity, is 15-20 years.
All of the Namgrass Artificial Lawn products are safe and suitable for children, both in a domestic capacity and play areas. The good news is that you will also never need to worry about those little muddy footprints around the house again!

All of the Namgrass Artificial lawn products are designed and manufactured with pets in mind (though you may prefer to opt for a shorter pile length dependant on the animal in question). They are strong, yet soft and do not contain any chemicals that would harm your family pet. View more detailed information.

Your pets mess will not effect the Namgrass lawn products in any way and is easily cleaned off in the normal way. You may also like to try the fresh smelling Namgrass Artifical lawn cleaner. It is available in a handy spray sized format for specific areas, or larger dilute option for general cleaning.

Buds lay all the Namgrass lawn products on 6mm limestone Grit, which allows total drainage, thus avoiding damp areas and any unwanted smells.

All of the Namgrass lawn products that Buds supply and fit are fire tested in line with En ISO 9239-1 standards. That said, Buds would always recommend having your barbecue on a hard surface, like some slabs, to avoid any damage being done to your Namgrass lawn.

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